A floor for every situation

A floor adapting to your lifestyle

  • 15mm
    of pre-finished three-layer structure to get the greatest stability
  • 50
    natural substances we use to nourish the wood to guarantee watertightness and breathability
  • 24
    hours of oiling process to get top resistance
  • 8
    surface working to improve the technical performances of any wood

To the client who wants a wood floor we ask many information. Not because we are curious, but we want to help him to get the best furniture and design in line with his lifestyle. A floor is forever so our first steps are to listen to his needs and to propose customized solutions.

Thanks to cutting-edge production technologies, FIEMME 3000 offers a wide range of surfaces to let you opt for the surface with the most adequate technical and aesthetical qualities for the environments the floor will be laid in, no matter if they are residential or commercial ones.

Since ever we have undertaken to provide global advice to help you choose and answer your questions.
Our further service: plurennial competence, quality of the materials, forefront building techniques and our artisans’ skills. All these ingredients guarantee top performances and a life-long beautiful floor.