Biocompatibility and naturalness in all wood.

Living well, in a real place of the senses and not of rationality, in which the only performance to be achieved is that of the highest possible level of self-gratification and healthy living, even and especially in the details.

Even in the choice of accessories, Fiemme 3000 doesn’t accept compromises and provides a full range of accessories that have the same characteristics of biocompatibility and naturalness of the floors. Accessories, in all their functional and technological variations present themselves as indispensable elements in interior design and as an instrument, with the floors and walls of the Fiemme 3000, of environmental sustainability and energy saving. The design embraces the tradition on the edge of craftsmanship, as an art and exercise form. Thus were born the accessories Fiemme 3000: baseboards, stair profiles and thresholds, made of solid wood and in the same essence of the floor and with the same finishes so you can have a unique and homogeneous result. 100% biocompatible, 100% Fiemme 3000.