Fiemme 3000 can be laid on an underfloor heating system both with floating or glueing laying techniques, but the former is preferable. Floating laying, performed by using an appropriate mat underneath the floor, guarantees the best performances of the heating plant, reduces the risk of cracks between the planks and avoids the use of dangerous chemical products.

Make sure that the base is completely dry. Turn on the underfloor heating system at least 14 days before laying the Fiemme 3000 floor. Gradually increase the temperature of the heating plant, until reaching the maximum level 5 days before laying the floor. During the two days preceding the floor laying, keep the temperature at a normal level (minimum 15° C).

Fiemme 3000 tested the performances of its wood on underfloor heating systems by performing a series of ad-hoc tests. The measurements were done on a 10 sq.m. testing area equipped with a underfloor heating system and covered with a 15 and 21 mm Fiemme 3000 floor.

The data were collected using temperature sensors placed under and over the wood, on the power source of the radiant heating element and in the air.

Moreover, we installed a probe to monitor the humidity in the room. Basing our tests on the energy consumption needs of two very different houses, one insulated according to Italian Law 10/91 and the other built according to the criteria of ClimateHouse C, we discovered that in both cases Fiemme 3000 floor does not interfere with the performances of the underfloor heating system.