Stairs system

Endless combinations signed Fiemme 3000.

Fiemme 3000 stair systems are made in our joinery division. The steps are assembled using two trimmed and jointed planks with a 2.5 cm core, making them look like a unique body. The nosing – usually round and with a 26×37 mm section – is applied on a “L” joint, in order to attach it properly to the tread board on two sides. In this way, the tones of the cover match perfectly with the colours of the boards and the structure becomes very solid and stable. The treatment of stairs and floor can be the same.

Estimates: we don’t provide a price list for the stairs. Quotations are calculated for each solution according to the types of stairs. Prices vary in relation to the dimensions, visible sides, system of building, etc.

Orders: To order a stair cover, we will need the detailed measures of each piece. In case of winder stairs, winder treads or particular stairs steps, we will need also some templates made of rigid carton. If not expressly stated otherwise, we will add 5-15 mm to the hidden sides, leaving to the layer the task to adjust them during assembly. If you require precise dimensions, you will need to provide us with rigid templates made of plywood (or similar). The production process requires between 20 and 40 days.