Boschi di Fiemme

Never-ending chances, a natural choice.

When the creativity of nature and men work together, stunning things come to life. Good and Beautiful like the forests of Val di Fiemme.

The blunt nature of wood, in all its gorgeous class. European larch, oak, beech, maple and ash. American nut and cherry-tree. Twenty-six proposals that let you feel free to customize your floor: choose applicable dimensions, workings, treatments and combine them to create your always exclusive floor that will grant your wish.

Boschi di Fiemme are prestigious floors with massive three-crossed-layer boards made of authentic wood. They can be brushed, planed, hand bevelled: the options to custom-tailor this series are the most numerous, also thanks to the exclusive treatment Fiemme 3000 Bio Plus that gives the floor very high-quality, neutral or coloured, 100% biocompatible finishing touches.

Being creative in Val di Fiemme means being able to transform the wood without ruining its natural identity.

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