Esterni di Fiemme

Biocompatibility in full nature.

When you choose to lay a Fiemme 3000 wooden floor in your garden, terrace, veranda or near your pool, you radically transform the appearance of these outdoor spaces, because the charm of our boards gives character, elegance, sophistication and an incomparable sense of order and tidiness.

The offer of Fiemme 3000 for outdoor is mainly composed of very solid essences of teak, because of the stunning beauty and optimal resistance of this material. We also offer boards in ipè wood, hard and resistant by nature essence and that show great adaptation skills also in the most difficult conditions.
The choice that graces every building and transforms even small spaces into sanctuaries of relax and beauty.

The treatment performed on these boards considerably enhances the solidity of their wood against atmospheric agents, but to keep them unaltered over the years, we heartily recommend to oil them twice a year. Without this treatment, the wood behaves like a normal untreated floor, tending to naturally grey with the passing of time.