Fiemme Antica

The marvel of tradition. Fiemme Antica, two words that tell the thousand-year handicraft history of our valley. A richness that runs untouched through the grains of these boards.

Wood, a marvellous witness. Thanks to finishing touches and treatments refined in a centennial tradition and a ten-year research, wood is able to transmit the sensations and the charm of a better life, when nothing was standardised and boards were always solid, natural, impressive. And imperfect, because hands used to work them rigorously.

The series Fiemme Antica represents our tribute to our past, as it has inspired us since the beginning of our adventure, always refusing whatever may be dangerous for nature and men. This series can let you revive today the most beautiful and genuine part of wooden floor’s history.
The wood of Fiemme Antica is accurately selected to let it maintain its realest aspect, with its natural knots, sapwood and cracks, as artisans did in the past. It is aged or old-looking, Thermowood glazed or treated combining more types of working. Its surface – treated with deep abrasive techniques and coordinated with marked bevelling – fires up the result of boards’ natural consumption to create vivid and seasoned woods, where the irregularity of the substance and the strong shadings give excellent and wonderful effects.

The ancient beautiful and healthy floors do still exist, so we have called them with words with the tradition of which are children.

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