Fior di Fiemme

The essences of beauty. In the most prestigious and rare grains of wood flow ancient arts and crafts of Val di Fiemme and the avant-garde innovation. There, the purest beats of our heart find their home.

Nature in its most valuable form, beauty as distinctive feature. Fior di Fiemme are special floors, dedicated to the real lovers of wood. Their character is strong, their beauty is not artificial perfection, but the unique and never equal result of the meeting among the rarest and most precious material, the skilful hands of our artisans and the passing of time. Italian nut, European and American elm. Oak, young and ancient teak, whose origins are the very affected age-long Burmese boards. All essences gather a blaze of warm and changeable colours, nuances that fade away from bright blonde into dark brown, into flaming effects and vibrations, marked grains and sensual knots, variations of tones and soft chromatic passages. Into intense and charming signs traced by time and nature.

The beauty of Fior di Fiemme, protected by the exclusive biocompatible treatment Fiemme 3000 Bio Plus, is the real beauty of nature. A beauty that feeds on time.

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