Luci di Fiemme

Where Nature lights up. The beauty of nature, illuminated by man’s know-how, shapes tradition into modern life. That’s how we enlight Luci di Fiemme.

Nature is the same, but it wears a new, unique and inimitable bright dress when improved with Thermowood thermal treatment: the wood of the upper layer is exposed to high temperatures that reduce humidity and caramelise the sugars of the various essences by darkening and hardening the whole thickness of the board. Wood becomes more resistant against swellings, maintains its steady dimensions and takes on nuances of extraordinarily refined beauty – warm and intense – that vary from the deep tones of the wet ground to honey-caramelised glares. Indeed, these sought-after colours are natural and obtained without using pigments nor toxic substances and, especially in the essences exposed to a medium glazing process, there may be evident shading among the boards which may fade over the years.

The combination of Fiemme 3000 Bio Plus treatment and Thermowood gives Luci di Fiemme an unique, beautiful and resistant character.

Luci di Fiemme are natural essences that, illuminated by years of research in the name of biocompatibility, feel like being new woods.

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