The Research on wellness

Indoor wellness (or discomfort).

Nowadays you can buy thousands of building materials and home furnishings but, unfortunately, they release potentially harmful chemical substances. Hence furnishing accessories, upholsteries, and even the building envelopes release VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds –, rather volatile chemical compounds. Many of these VOCs lower the indoor air quality, make the spaces little comfortable and provoke irritations and inconveniences.

FIEMME 3000 floors and DisegnoDilegno furniture do not pollute the air – on the contrary, they even improve its features. We live in a world where the producers are conscientious and the administrators are forward-looking, therefore FIEMME 3000’s standards of healthiness should take hold as new requirements for the prevention of the environment and as legislator’s guidelines to let them work more accurately.

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The certainty of scientific data

We asked the greatest Italian Research Council in the Trees and Timber field, the CNR-IVALSA, to analyse our wood floors in the deepest and most impartial way possible – from the raw material to the workings and treatments to the final product –, even by comparing them with other brands that declare their “total naturalness”. After an 18-month research, the outcomes boosted our confidence on our work: only FIEMME 3000 floors are good for our health.

The research remarked that our woods release only natural and healthy VOCs, the alpha-pinene in particular. This is the most common terpene in nature and the pine needles, confiners, orange peels, rosemary, basil, dill and parsley contain it. It gives these products their typical “pine” scent and has anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and bronchodilator properties.

Hence, in a room with a FIEMME 3000 floor and Disegno Dilegno furniture there are no noxious emissions and the occupants can enjoy the “balsamic” wellness spread by our living and healthy wood.

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The outcomes


    They detected no traces of heavy metals in FIEMME 3000 floors.


    They detected no radioactivity in FIEMME 3000 floors, except for the radioactivity the wood normally contains within the harmless thresholds.


    No FIEMME 3000 floors contain nor release oil-derive substances.


    No FIEMME 3000 products release harmful VOCs nor contain substances listed in the various agencies’ Red List nor in other lists of harmful substances.


    You find the VOCs FIEMME 3000 floors release in plants and vegetables, therefore you can detect them in an unpolluted forest.


    FIEMME 3000 floors release some VOCs you can find in some balsamic drugs for the personal care, like the alpha-pinene.


    As well as the floor, also FIEMME 3000 floating laying lets us avoid the emission of any harmful substances because we do not use glues (even cutting-edge glues are noxious).


    Disegno Dilegno furniture have healthy effects and guarantee a significant housing wellness.


    The Alpha-pinene project

    Innovation of the wood-flooring production process to optimize the healthiness and the housing wellness. Sponsored by Fondazione Caritro –

    Scientific research by CNR – IVALSA

    Researcher: Marco Fellin
    Manager of reference: Martino Negri
    Managers of reference for D.k.z.: Marco Felicetti e Vittorio Monsorno

Bio-Safe certifications

Bio-Safe is a certifying body for the environmental healthiness. They examined the CNR –IVALSA’s “Alpha-pinene Project” on the content of VOCs in some species of wood, both in their natural context and when treated with different products of saturation. This research represents the main technical-scientific document that convinced Bio-Safe® to validate our FIEMME 3000 products.


Leopoldo Busa

Designer and energy advisor, Bio-Safe’s owner

Nowadays, a quality certification like ours must reward all those enterprises able to stand out and propose new products and knowledge to positively influence the development of the certification procedure.