The floor to Breathe

More healthy VOCs for everybody

  • 11,000
    liters of air we breathe every single day
  • 90%
    of the air we breathe a day is in indoor locations
  • x5
    indoor pollution > outdoor pollution
  • 10%
    of the world population suffers from allergies due to pollution

The air is the first nourishment for life. No coincidence the breathing is a spontaneous reaction – adults make 12-20 breaths per minute, babies 30-60. Considering that everyone of us spends about 90% of our time indoor, we can easily realize we should be aware of what we breathe.

For this reason, our efforts are made in this direction. We produce beautiful but especially functional wood floors and furniture to breathe, as they release healthy VOCs(Volatile Organic Compounds). A Made in Italy where the appearance does not betray the essence.

The certainty of data is scientific. Our “Fiemme Bio Plus” treatment, the oiling system protecting the wood fibres through fully natural mineral and vegetable substances, has improved the resistance performance of our woods and, while providing that, the floor releases in the air the balsamic substances you can breathe in a wood.

That’s why we like to affirm we go over the CAMs (Minimum Environmental Criteria for the release of harmful emissions established by the laws on indoor furniture) by improving the indoor air because only FIEMME 3000 floors “are good for our health” and respect the green building standards. Not only in houses, but in every environment where human beings congregate like offices, hotel businesses and public buildings.