Biocompatible, for life

A choice which is a synonym of nature, authenticity and culture.

We are constantly working to guarantee the best product ever to our final client. Every raw material, every production phase is certified and covered by a 100% biocompatibility.
From the beginning, our goal has been to offer a unique product because absolutely healthy. In a word, biocompatible. A biocompatible choice, like the one that supports all Fiemme 3000 production chain, is a synonym of nature, quality and culture. It’s an ethical choice that finds its origin in the need to create healthy, conscious and safe spaces for ourselves and our family.

A choice from which transpire the passion, coherence and professional ethic of a company, which has managed to realize one of its dreams. Its bet? To compare the values of quality, wellness and biocompatible culture with the common consumerism, in order to make the first steps towards a new construction industry.

A new construction industry which must be coherent and establish a balance amid several aspects Which ones? Biocompatibility, healthiness and wellness, indeed. And then the energy efficiency, because being environmental-compatible means succeeding in heating less and limiting the dispersion of heat as much as possible.

Today, the knowledge and resources that we can afford can give us a great opportunity to do better, to lay the foundations for a different construction building, that can be really at the service of the consumer as it aims to make them live better.

Therefore, when you decide on a Fiemme 3000 biocompatible floor you are opting for something deeper than a mere element of design: it means laying the foundations for a better life.