Heading to a certified quality.

Our wood is certified by by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC (Pan European Forest Certification), because it’s selected exclusively among essences cultivated with responsible forestry techniques and management plans that meet strict environmental, social and economic standards and assure the correct preservation of woodland heritage, a precious renewable resource.

Fiemme 3000 is a company certified by FSC® with License Code FSC – C 111027.
For requests on FSC® certified products, you can contact us.

Not only our certified wood is completely free of toxic or radioactive compounds, but also all the other working steps of our production system, from the assembly of the boards to their oiling and laying, are certified, guaranteed and 100% biocompatible.
To obtain excellent performances and grant a total biocompatibility, we developed a collaboration with enterprises and institutions involved in scientific and technological research that check and vouch for the quality of our products, issuing Certifications and Certificates.

The ultimate quality seal of this prestigious production chain is provided by the Certificate of Authenticity included in our products: a true floor’s identity card that certifies that our production process features cutting-edge research and verification activities, high-quality technologies and materials, a continuous attention to the improvement of environmental performances and a reliable and complete delivery service that includes also a customer care service for the laying and maintenance of our products.