Fiemme 3000 Bio Plus

Our guarantee is the treatment.

We protect the beauty of our wood with Bio Plus, an exclusive treatment developed after years of work in our Research & Development department.

This product is composed only of biocompatible ingredients, featuring more than 50 vegetable and mineral substances mixed together that nourish the wood without clogging its pores and restore the self-protective capacity lost during the production process.

A special hard oil guarantees an outstanding durability against abrasion, while a series of waxes and oils provides the floor with the proper level of shine and protects it from water, wear and tear.

For this reason, our floors are perfect also for “difficult” locations, where they are normally subject to more wear, tear or moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms, showrooms and offices. They are also ideal to be installed on underfloor heating systems.

Absolutely biocompatible, allows the wood to regenerate and people to live in healthy homes.