Our Land

In the nature of Val di Fiemme our mindset sprouts out. Val di Fiemme. Our homeland.

Situated in the heart of a never-ending expanse of forests – the richest one in the whole Alpine area – this valley is populated by 60 millions of trees, especially majestic spruces. The woods of this land are wonderful, welcoming and well-kept, a great example all over the world, thanks to the thousand-year-old management of Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, an ancient institution that since 1111 a.C. has been a loving guardian of Fiemme’s culture and territory.

This is the key: this territory – even if it lays so far from the big industrial centres of Italy – managed to conquer its chances and to make its love for little things its key features, through passion, innovation, belonging to the territory, the know how and eco-sustainability: values that drive the production of Fiemme 3000, that in this land, sink its roots.

We are talking about genuine roots, that couldn’t do nothing but specialize the local firms and enterprises in the production of “wellness”: a concept that in Val di Fiemme has got a farther meaning than the mere literal one, because it includes the core essence of the well being.

A precious tradition, an endowment of knowledge that lets us realize our unique floors. Unique for quality, beauty and healthiness, because when we cut and work our trees we never aim to create mere parquet floors. Our target is higher. We want the blooming nature of our valley to stand out in all our boards.