The structure of wood

Innovation and technology.

Wood is the real and big innovation of Fiemme 3000. Fiemme 3000 boards warrant an incredible dimensional stability, an increased flexibility and a great resistance to twisting and warping, thanks to their exclusive 3-crossed-layer structure.

The three layers are of solid wood and they can be divided in: noble layer or top layer, middle layer and back. Each layer plays a crucial role in the structure.
To glue the layers together, Fiemme 3000 uses only natural vinyl glues, tested according to Austrian standards, that insert a big quantity of water – and humidity – into the elements, but are completely toxin-free. This results in a more time-consuming and expensive procedure, but represents the only possible choice to create a natural product that guarantees excellent performances and wholesome results.

The process continues with the polishing stage and the fabrication of the male/female joints all around the plank’s perimeter.

All these production stages are equally important to obtain a unique 3-layer structure like ours, the best in the worldwide market of wooden floors for its technical quality, eco-friendly features and stability.

Our long experience and the use of cutting-edge technologies that fully respect European law, warrant the outstanding quality that allows our floors to keep their beauty and health for their whole life.